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 Liberals don't know what to do, pander to their activist LGBT base, or pander to Muslims. (2)

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Liberals don't know what to do, pander to their activist LGBT base, or pander to Muslims.

Muslims are becoming a problem in Europe for Liberals. You see, Liberals live in a world of identity politics, whereby activist LGBT groups and Muslims share a space in their political bag of identities. If you are not one of their chosen ones, the intolerance from Liberals is truly sickening.

What will Liberals do with Muslims who want to keep activist LGBT groups out of our public schools? Which identity do they care for more? Who will they alienate?

When political Parties go down this cesspool of identity politics, they will end up drowning in a sea of extremism. This is not a problem for Conservatives because they care for all the people (no special identity required). They want their nations to thrive, thereby lifting all ships.

Those of us on the Right long ago warned of growing numbers of Muslims in European nations, and the inevitable problems created. We said that Muslims do not assimilate well with other religions, or other cultures.

The Left's war on Christianity has succeeded in making Islam the largest religion in many areas of Europe.

What will they do? They are finding out that by demonizing hard working, loving, compassionate, forgiving Christians, they are destroying the core group of people who helped their nations to thrive.

Islam is not a religion of love, compassion, forgiveness, etc. etc., but just the opposite. Their scripture does not teach them to love even their enemies, to turn the other cheek, etc. etc., as does Christianity. Their religion teaches them to KILL their enemies, kill those who simply refuse to bend a knee to Islam.

We are watching Liberalism fall from within. Extremists never win in the end.
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When Political Parties play identity politics, it can only work for a time. Eventually the extremism, as we are witnessing in the Democrat Party today, can not be contained.

The slippery slope will tear them apart in the end.

This is what happens to groups with no standards or boundries. Diversity is our strength is an oxymoron. No two groups have ever united behind their differences.