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Is libya a safe area in the world wide opinion ?

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I don't think it is totally safe, but is safer than when Gaddaffi was in power.

Banana_Slug(845) Disputed
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That is very far from truth, Gaddaffi was fucked up but now it's under control of local tribe warlords alá bronze age.

Scout143(652) Disputed
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I was talking about the world opinion. Gaddaffi was very hostile to foreigners, especially Americans, and he ruled his country with an iron fist, killed his own people, and was a messed up person. Now Libya just got done with a civil war, so they're not totally safe yet, but it's safer than before.

You are asking, if a nation in which previous leaders are butchered in the street, whose nominal government may be dissolved at any time by rebellious dissidents who have refused to disarm themselves, where Sharia law is becoming national policy, and whose oil reserves are sufficient to arouse the attention of Western powers, is safe?

In a word, no.

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Sure! I hear the beaches are wonderful... you should go.

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Currently, I would not visit Libya. It is just too dangerous at the moment. Remember, they are recovering from a Civil war, but I'm sure it will be safe in a few years.

I don't think so. From what I have read over the years, Libya is an unstable country.