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Outsourcing..for or against?

I am trying to create this debate to have evidence for my online economics class, please discuss whether or not you are for/against outsourcing and do you think that is is good for the economy 

Support outsourcing

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Check out this article for more information, you’ll be able to build your argument off of this :)

Supporting Evidence: Americas Future with Outsourcing (
Side: Support outsourcing
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do you think that is is good for the economy

Hello F:

A company has ONE job, and that's to make a profit.. If you wanna do good deeds, form a charity.

Having said that, if a company finds it can make MORE money by outsourcing, then it should outsource.. If they've made the right decision, they'll make money, and that's good for the economy..


Side: Support outsourcing
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Use this short article to help you build your argument on why outsourcing is bad :)

Supporting Evidence: The Cost of American Outsourcing (
Side: Against outsourcing