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 Planned Parenthood is lying. Trump is not blocking access to birth control. (6)

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Planned Parenthood is lying. Trump is not blocking access to birth control.

I am on disability for being disabled, and had my tubes removed just fine. All Mr. Pres. is trying to do is end abortion outside of medical need especially on the public dollar. I have the religious right to not pay for sex changes or abortion.
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There are good Democrats around but those running and funding the party are corrupt and vile to their core, and have no conscience. The left leadership isn't even masking the propaganda anymore. They openly embrace it. They think we are all obsessed with this stuff, but most aren't. I don't care who takes a pill, who gets married, and fully understand the need for abortions in certain cases even though I don't like abortion in general.

FromWithin(7859) Clarified
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I have a hard time saying there are good Democrats around. They are the ones electing these corrupt vile extremists. A good person can not claim to a good person and then vote for corrupt Politicians who support No Restriction abortions. IT DOES NOT FLY!

If you are saying there are good Democrats from old who do not vote for these PC extremists, then why have they not changed Parties since their Party has gone over to the extremist side.

I do not care what people do in the privacy of their own homes, but when they come into our public schools pushing their LGBTQRSUVWXYZ agendas onto our impressionable children, I CARE BIG TIME!

To talk to our children about Gay marriage is conditioning our children that Homosexuality is a natural normal sexual orientation. Biology teaches us it is not and our children should be taught the natural order to life.

Polaris95(247) Disputed
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The Democrats are extremists? On the other side of the Atlantic we call them moderates...

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You are 100% correct.

These deceptive Democrats have for years spewed the lie of how they did not want to force tax payers to fund abortions.

They support the exact opposite with State medicaid programs that pay for poor women's abortions, and they are fighting to the death to keep funding for Planned Parenthood and their abortion trade.

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Agreed. @PPact us biutching and lying.......................................................

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Dana, were your tubes removed because they needed to be? If not (as in they were removed instead because you wanted it) were you funded by planned parenthood under Trump's regime?

If no, then you have no right to say PP is lying unless you, yourself, are the liar.