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 Pre-Inca child sacrifice site was actually a Planned Parenthood (1)

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Pre-Inca child sacrifice site was actually a Planned Parenthood

LIMA, PERU—A recently discovered pre-Columbian burial site containing the bodies of hundreds of slaughtered children was originally considered to be part of a mass human sacrifice. However, experts have discovered new evidence revealing that the mass execution was simply leftover from an ancient Planned Parenthood.

“Our initial reaction was horror!” said Dr. Molly Locke, lead supervisor of the excavation. “It really made us ponder how a society could get to such a depraved place that they would willingly allow their young, innocent, vulnerable, children to be violently and systematically torn to pieces. There’s absolutely no excuse for that!”

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Dr.Locke had this revelation during the dig.

"Dr. Locke described the emotional weight of finding one child’s severed body after another, carelessly piled on top of each other. The whole crew seemed to stagger from denial to depression, to anger at this needless, barbaric atrocity."