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 President Trump will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in America's history! (6)

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President Trump will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in America's history!

Fantastic economy!

Record low unemployment!

Middle class workers finally getting a tax cut and appreciation from our Government!

ISIS decimated!

Mexico finally helping patrol their own borders to stop illegal immigration!

Other nations paying more of their fair share of military protection from the US!

Appointing two Constitutional Justices!

Fighting for everything he said he would do before getting elected!

Calling out Fake news biased networks!

Calling out America haters such as Colin Kaepernick!

Building walls to protect our nation's sovereignty!

Putting America and all Americans first!

These accomplishments are just a few examples of why Trump is one of the greatest leaders in our nation's history! He is but one man, but look at what he has accomplished with regards to restoring the Republican Party's back bone. They are finally standing up to the Left!

He is doing his best to stop this slippery slope of Socialism, identity politics, and exposing the Political correct extremism of the Democrat Party.

This is why Trump is so hated by the Left. They fear this work horse who is exposing the corruption of our once free press.
A free Press now taking sides with the Leftists in our Government.

You know how great a job he is doing when the extremists in the Democrat Party, and most of our biased Liberal media, hates him!

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I hope he wins the next election in a landslide, showing these Leftist's that their attempted transformation of America to yet one more dead Socialist cesspool of Government power and corruption over the people's freedoms, has failed!

The haters of Trump must be career Government dependents. What working man would want a Democrat to win?

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He'll certainly be remembered as the President who gave the old school of the political elite a kick up the rear-end and jolted them into the world of reality.

He relegated the glitzy razz-a-ma-tazz, the balloons, the brass bands and all the phony speeches well down the priority list and presented the people with the uncomfortable facts in plain, matter-of-fact English.

He put America's trading partners on notice that;- the game is up, THE PLAYING FIELD IS BEING LEVELLED.


It is a shame that there are so many loony lefties who are incapable of recognizing this self-evident truth.

creamynoodle(6) Disputed Banned
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You are a retarded piece of trash. The old school political elite is exactly who Trump serves, that's what conservative means you fucking spastic.

FromWithin(8240) Clarified
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I believe they recognize the truth, they simply can not handle the truth. They are very insecure people who can not admit that they live irresponsible lifestyles.