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Metal! Punk!
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Punk vs Metal


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I only voted over here to even the sides up, I love both and they have influenced each other, I listen to both all the time, I'm listening to Moby's Punk album as I type this

Side: Metal!

Satanism all the way.

Side: Metal!
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I don't really like metal and I especially dislike heavy metal. I must say that I don't know a lot about the punk genre.

Side: Punk!
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I really like both to be honest but a couple of my favourite bands are punk so I'll have to go to this side.

Side: Punk!

Anarchy all the way.

Side: Punk!

I like metal but I listen to a lot more rock bands. It's hard to decide but I'm for rock.

Side: Punk!
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Both heavy metal and punk rock are good. underground 80's punk, post-punk, new wave, dark/coldwave I like

Side: Punk!