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Reasons to Remain Obstinant

What reasons do you feel are the best reasons to not give in in spite of reason?

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Well, if you're an obstinate SOB you'll never lose on CD ;)

There really isn't much reason to remain obstinate. In fact, obstinateness (yes, that's a word) is often an obstacle to progress. What's so bad about being flexible?

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You are 100% correct. I love flexibility in women. One of their best traits ;)

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are we talking about not having sex? or something else? if we're talking about sex the best reason is u dont get crazy diseases or knocked up another is that u dont get attached to anyone else and men dont use u (coming from a womans perspective) and dont think of u as an object of their sexual pleasure

there r lots of reasons u just gotta think about it for urself noone can make the decision for u

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Chicken(202) Disputed
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isn't it abstinent? or something? to be abstinent is to refrain from doing something that can harm you, or go against your morals and ethics

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That's right. And being obstinate is not listening to logic. Now I wonder if obstinant is even a word ;)

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