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What could go wrong? Wait..., what? No!!!
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Should we let protesters dictate political policy?

What could go wrong?

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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THIS could go wrong! We could end up with a world full of white supremacists, Nazis, feminists, racists, communists, evangelicals, conservatives, liberals, male chauvinist pigs, Muslims and NRA members! THAT'S what could go wrong! ;-)!

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Those Brians could be Muslim jihadist suicide bombers....

Side: What could go wrong?

It depends on the situation. If an entire religious group wants to legally kill gays, the protesters should not get what they want. If PEACEFUL protesters want to outlaw abortion save for the medical safety of the mother, they should be able to get heard.

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Only if their cause is important and if they are in great numbers. Unless your not talking about the way the US works. In high case, no. No they shouldn’t.

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No, best to let the W.A.S.P.S., continue, they're doing a fine job.

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