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Should white people demand that they be called Saltine Americans?

Racism works both ways.  White people should demand not to be called "crackers" and to be called "Saltine Americans" instead.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I prefer ritz.

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How about you re-read what you just posted.

Our biggest problem is, not getting to know people around us. A 'word' has nothing to do with it. Unless you are trying to judge/hate on someone.

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Blacks want to be called "African Americans."

Blacks call white people "crackers."

Whites should demand that they be called "Saltine Americans."

Why settle for a nondescript term when there's a better, distinguished, term? ;)

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If you wish to be referred to as a slave owner for post-liberation times. Cracker was the title bestowed on those who owned slaves. The nickname conjured from listening to the constant crack sound of the whip. It seems more poloticaly correct to call, "african americans," black. And caucasion, white. Due to the fact, we are already consistently called white, if we are called white, they should be black. I believe in equality, not social norms.

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If they call people whitey, should they be called blackie? ;)

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Naturally, it should be as so !

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Harvard(666) Clarified
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Well, blacks did come from Africa so calling them AA wouldn't be inaccurate. Just as calling American Natives 'Americans' would the more proper term since non-natives are foreign and should be addressed as 'Europeans'. But of course this would be problematic due to some mixed cultures resulting in certain people with a combination of Native American and European. Perhaps I could be misperceiving 'American' as to mean 'North American/South America,' when it could just be termed as 'U.S.A.'. Ehh, Idk.

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Maybe we can mixed race individuals mutts ;)

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That would be incredibly derogatory towards white people. European American would make more sense.

Saltine American sounds ridiculous it doesn't even seem like it would roll off the tongue nicely.

Just thinking it is giving me cotton mouth.

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