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Ya! they need to shut up! We need snitches
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Snitches Get Stitches Or Not

From the dawn of time people have snitched and been snitched on now what im wanting to know is are you for those tattle tales or are you against them

Ya! they need to shut up!

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We need snitches

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Snitches, in general, are only good when they stop things that are really wrong. If they're snitching on stupid things like people smoking under the age of 18, or smoking cannabis at any age... or snitching on somebody committing assault when all they did was lightly smack somebody... that's when snitches are being completely unnecessary.

But does that mean they should be beaten? Fuck no. What are we, the ancient Carthaginians?

Get a grip.

Maybe you shouldn't have a snitch of a friend around you if you enjoy cannabis.

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You need snitches because if there is a fight in my school your suppose to report it to the office or the principal. Also you need to tell the teachers because school need to a place for learning not to go around going to school because to hang out with your friends or use electronic items in the school it should be a learning environment.

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