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Teachers playing with Kids: Sexism, Gay vs Straight

If you are a male teacher and you play with the boys, nobody says anything about it.
If you are a male teacher and you play with the girls, people (employer, co-workers, parents, outsiders, etc) will question it and deem it inappropriate because it's more sensitive or dangerous for a male teacher to be playing with girls (students/kids).  

Why this double-standard?  Why are they being sexist?

So what if you are a GAY teacher?  Then does that mean a gay teacher should play with the girls and that would be fine but if the gay teacher is playing with little boys, that is a flag for concern and deemed inappropriate and should be stopped?

Now the variable I'm going to include in this scenario is that the male teacher (either Straight or Gay) is NOT a criminal, sex offender or will ever abuse children sexually and get in trouble with the law.  

In this context, why then does sexism exist?  It seems to me it shouldn't matter at all if a teacher is playing with the boys or the girls regardless of your gender AND sexual orientation, but they make a big
deal out of it!

So I'm just curious, does it affect gay teachers in the opposite way? (Playing with girls GOOD, playing with boys BAD because you are gay are sexually oriented to males).

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