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Team Peeta or Team Finnick?

From the Hunger Games triology

Team Peeta

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Team Finnick

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3 points

I love Peeta but Finnick is a lot cooler :) Come on he has a net and trident! What does peeta have against that?

Side: Team Finnick
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Finnick all the way. Peeta is a pussy .

Side: Team Finnick
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Team finnick. Omg when I found out who was playing finnick I got all happy. But when I found he died in mocking jay I want to go to a corner and cry till I realized that the actual person didn't die. I'm very emotional and I get teased, but I don't care I love the series and while always love finnick odair. 💙💜💚

Side: Team Finnick
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Down votes courtesy of PresChaffy and crew. :D

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I am cracking up that this has received 5 DVs now... LOL

Side: Team Finnick