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The Dark Lord of the sanctimonious wank shaft berries

I once took an interstellar trip
On a quantum nanochip
driven anti-matter ship
we knew we would face many dangers, but we faced dangers for which we weren't equipped

Who's we? 
Me, Nom, Mingiwuwu, D
and a man I'll simply refer to as "Jew Z"
Who's he?

well he's a native american
with a fetish for wanker comparison
he gets off on it no matter who gets embarrassed, and
he's got a carrot in

his ass, so when he farts it sounds like a clarinet 
and he likes to be where it's wet
he has an Arpegio parrot pet
with ferret breath

we traveled for many days
so the galaxy could be freed when he's slain
who's he? he very evil, and very very gay

he's the dark lord of sanctimonious wank shaft berries
he has a magic wand that emits ass fairies
his wrath carries
like a loud crack in the air
will we defeat him, or is this quest too much to bear?

will defeat him

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will be defeated

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The Dark Lord of the sanctimonious wank shaft berries

You called?

Side: will defeat him
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You called? you've revealed yourself at last...

(blasts hydro-electrical jizz torrents infused with condensed strange quark matter at you)

Side: will be defeated
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You are a retard, Nom is a faggot, Mingi is a gay reptillian illuminati lizard man, D has sex with chimpanzees and Jew Z fingers sasquatch butt holes.

Side: will be defeated
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I'd sooner side with Brontoraptor against you 2 than side with Nom on anything like that. As for you, I am not so sure about you. Bronto can be negotiated with and predicted, but you guys are hot potatoes who will likely kill each other off (you and nom) given long enough time in each's narcissistic, sociopathic proximity. I'd rather side with the guy who was confused for being Prodigee for his early trolling life here than the guys who have been confused for being each other as the opposite of Prodigee.

Prodigee is a term used by Andy to describe a troll he sees as smart, cunning and an actual intellectual peer or even superior.

Nom is a term everyone here uses to describe an account that seems so dumb and bully-like that it basically deserves no recognition as a real member of a debate website beyond being an extension of Nomenclature, the fuckboy of all fuckboys.

I'm not saying Bronto doesn't bully, I'm saying it became more blatant he wasn't prodigee as the months progressed and he became more obviously an angry, unreasonable troll. Still now he is superior to the two of you in how to reason.

Whoever D is, be it your friend or Dermot, I don't like gambling on unknowns.

Side: will be defeated