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Validity of IQ tests

if you want to be taken seriously, i advise keeping clear of mentioning or referencing 'emotional intelligence'


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Show me someone with an average IQ that is multi talented. Show me someone with a high IQ that isn't multi talented.

Can't do it can you? Therefore IQ test are accurate.

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Only emotional intelligence matters! :)

My IQ is 0 and I didn't read the debate description and still I make a good argument. In your face, smart people!

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look at this heretical shit

it's like a culmination of those crappy self help articles on dodgy enews sites

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Glad to read that you are aware of and support emotional intelligence Instig8or.

Go to the top of the class.

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Most IQ tests are inaccurate as they only give you a few options and don't let you choose other options that you may want to choose but don't see

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