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Vaping saved my life! Give me a Cig Dam Dammit!
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Vaping vs Cigs!

I Smoked for 17 years and tried everything to quit, about 2 mouths ago I had it so I went to a vape shop and got my a $70 vape unit, 30W Eleaf vape mod, tank and juice and I must this stoped me from somking Cigs, I feel 100% better I can run and play with my son without going out of breath after years,  I feel like 20 years old again lung wise, my questions is who here vapes?




After being an ex smoker do you feel it helped you?


Note: Please if you do not smoke do not pick up vaping it will not make you cool nore get chics, I got chics because I'm hot and sexy but if you do smoke please give it a shot I feel it saved my life, any others feel this way?


Also whats your poison I smoke a standard methal 12ml nic bleand of 70PG/30VG blend so whats your taste?

Vaping saved my life!

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Give me a Cig Dam Dammit!

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