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 We are both the Painting and the Painter. (4)

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We are both the Painting and the Painter.

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If you mean that the life is the paper and the author with product of his work is human. Yes, it is. Because all people each second draw their way of life. They every time thinking and trying to decide the tasks that they create by yourselves. Thus, they are painter and the painting of their art. All people have the problems and they think that the problems is created by someone else, but some of them know that the source of problem is they are themselves. If they choose the right way they do not have the problems but not every can predict the consequence of his decision. They only can choose and that's all. The do not think about responsibility and accountability of their productions. They do not pay attention to that. That's why they are not able to predict the results. If they start to think about it deeply, they start to understand that they are painter and painting.

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We are able to have free will and make our own decisions but only to the extent that our environment allows us to. Basically, our situation and outlook in life at the time determines the width, variety, and depth of the choices available to us. Therefore, we're both one and part of a larger whole.

Take for example, if you've been captured as a hostage by a foreign enemy. Your choices are obviously limited in scope but you have the choice in choosing where to proceed from the limited paths presented to you.

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You are if you paint a picture of yourself, get it? HAHAHAHAHAH!

In this perspective, we are not merely passive observers or victims of circumstances. Instead, we have the capacity to actively participate in our own lives, taking responsibility for our choices and the outcomes they generate. I'll share this with painters edmond ok!