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Which bathroom should a gynandromorph individual use?

  1. an abnormal individual, especially an insect, having some male and some female characteristics.


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They should use any men's room in the state of North Carolina. And if no stalls are available then they can go on top of the head of any human male inside.

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Bakersfield, CA. - Kristopher Lawless. Torture suspect once busted in drag for prostitution,, Nov. 6, 2012, available at; Kristopher Lawless, Alleged Attempted Murderer, Once Arrested For Prostitution While Wearing A Dress, Huffington Post, Nov. 6, 2012, available at n2082959.html .

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Everett, WA – Taylor J. Buehler (18). Man wearing bra and wig arrested in women’s restroom at local college, Sky Valley Chronicle, March 17, 2012, Police: Man in bra and wig found in women’s bathroom,, March 16, 2012, available at A man wearing a bra and wig was spotted in a women’s bathroom at Everett Community College. A staff member at the college alerted security when they spotted the man entering the women’s restroom; police found that the suspect entered the restroom while two women were using the facilities. When the man was questioned, he stated that he had gone into the bathroom to use the facilities, but then admitted, after being taken into custody, that in an earlier incident, he took a shower in the women’s locker room for purposes of sexual gratification.

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J-Roc77(70) Disputed
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Sure, the American Family Association says it is sending men into womens restrooms to "test the law". This isn't a measure of risk but one of paranioa. A conservative group here is a the problem not transgenders. This still doesn't support any of the shortcomings that have been voiced ad naseum.

Never mind that your children/women have a higher chance of being abused by men they know rather than strangers, you know; family, members of school, teachers, priests. Never mind that transgenders do not equal predators. Never mind that you don't advocate for keeping predators out of restrooms you try to keep people predators "might pose as" instead.

Your logic is akin to saying bad guys might use guns are the problem. Either that or you have bigoted feelings towards transgenders and your crusade here is just another way for you to punish a group you don't like. Maybe a bit of both.

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Lancaster, PA – James Thomas Shoemaker (19). Quarryville man accused of using phone to look at 10-year-old girl in Sheetz restroom. Fox 43, April 18, 2016, available at The girl told her mother, who was waiting for her outside the bathroom, that a man was in the adjoining stall using his cell phone camera to record her as she used the facilities. Employees called the police, who found the man still in the bathroom an hour later, using his phone to access pornography, while in the stall, as well as using the camera on the phone to look under other stalls in order to view women next to him.

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Is it politically correct to call them abnormal?

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IAmSparticus(1517) Clarified
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It's definitely statistically correct. Some on the right have added some unfortunate connotations to "abnormal", but I've always thought it's up to the individual to determine whether or not they pay mind to externally based connotations.

That said, it would actually be interesting to see what most hermaphrodites choose in this particular situation to see if there is a trend in affiliation.

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I think they should bounce around depending on their mood that day. Kinda of an "anything goes" attitude, since that's where we're headed ;)

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