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Crackman Hunter Biden? Freaked out Harris?
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Who should try to open negotiations with the drug cartels?

I always feel that if bilateral negotiations need to take place it's best if the negotiators on both sides are on familiar terms and have each others contact numbers.
Crackman Hunter could act on behalf of his **IMBECILE** father and cackling Kamala could call on her personal  drug procurement experiences and, using her inside knowledge, meet the cartel gangsters face to face.

Crackman Hunter Biden?

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Freaked out Harris?

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Good video worth watching showing Hunter Biden with two ladies of the night and a goodly supply of crack cocaine.

Well, I guess it's a case of the personification of the old adage;- ''like father like son''.

As for Kamala, the cackling clown from California, well, she appears to have enough ''GEAR'' in her to take her to the moon, (AND UNFORTUNATELY BACK AGAIN) every time she tries so desperately to make a speech.

Yes, these two would make ''CRACKER'' negotiators.

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The biggest negative features with cackling kamala participating as a negotiator with the Drug Cartels is that the gangsters would have extreme difficulty in understanding her gobbledygook and may take offence at her uncontrollable bouts of hysterical giggling.

These negatives however could be off-set by her inside knowledge of the logistical supply chain.

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