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 Your opinion on Nicki Minaj? (6)

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Your opinion on Nicki Minaj?

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Not really familiar with her music, but from what I have seen in the articles, she is pretty edgy. Almost like Lady Gaga but the black version.

Facadeon(510) Clarified
1 point

She's worse.

There's a terribly ironic song where she incessantly repeats the words "You a stupid hoe, you a, you a, stupid hoe."

Damn dat some scurry shit.

1 point

Illuminati influenced computer dubbed fake image ;) I strongly dislike all her music.

1 point

Her music and personality are both quite inappropriate. I also can't forgive anybody that makes a song with Justin Beiber.

TheAshman(2299) Clarified
1 point

Whilst I agree with the Justin Bieber comment in what way is her music and personality innapropriate?

What if I had no argument?

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Then you are doing your regular trolling.

jonathangoh(1724) Clarified
1 point

Am I?

I think she is hip and I like her song, "Anaconda." She does sell the CDs and iTunes.