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do atheists believe in fate (read below and bare with me a second)

right, so from an athiest perspective we origionate from a chemical reaction of some description ie the big bang. thus everything that effects us is a result of that reaction, everything causing our existance, our influences and as a result everything we do.that also means that everything we are going to do is going to be part of that reaction and since everything is caused by said reaction including our influences surely the future is already set or is always going to be an inevitable part of that reaction.

so call it fate, call it destiny, what im really asking is. do you believe the future is set as result, or do you think we have choice

(of course the idea  that we have choice would also be part of there action, i.e if you had the exact same knowlege and the exact same influences you would make the same choice)

more of an interesting thought strain than a debate, but was just wondering what you thought


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The scientific view of time is not that of a linear progression, but that of an unexplainably complex combination of events, with a multitude of alternative versions of time branching off at every choice, every chance for a possible difference that there could ever be. As such, I do not believe that we are tied to a single path through time, therefore there is no fate.

Life is much more complex than to say that it is nothing but the passing of time; that all that ever is, is nothing more than all there ever could be; that what we do doesn't matter.

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I do not think the future is set. If the future was set and our destiny was written out for us, why should we work harder, why should we do anything at all for that matter-our destiny is anyway decided. It is up to us to define our own future. We can change whatever we want. Our actions define our future. We reap what we sow.

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yes but the idea is that any decision we make is based on things which have influenced us through part of the reaction, im not suggesting that if you do nothing the outcome will be the same as if if you do somthing, but the point is that our choices are based on our experiences and if all of our experiences are based uponthe reaction,then we were always going to make the same choice and im not saying that there is a preguidingforce towards our destiny, im arguing that you were always going to make the choices you have made up to this point which have givn you experiences by which you may make your other decisions all of which is part of the same reaction reverting back to the big bang, meaniong that any decision you make today you would always have made if the exact same reaction happened in the exact same way, so surely the furure in that respect, the future is set in some way.

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i thought that atheists did not believe in anything or anyone................... there minds are blank.........................................................

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