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young indians are living their parent's dream


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Are we talking about "Feathered" Indians or "Dot" Indians? ;)

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Given technology perhaps even "Robot" Indians ;)

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How ,in what respect? if my info is not wrong half of them are migrating to the States.

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Wait, you have information that indicates half of all Indian youth's are migrating to the United States?

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Definitely not! Young Indians lead their own dreams! It's due to sheer ignorance that people have a set image about Indians and their culture. Come to a city like Bombay, live with a family there and you'll understand how normal and sane they are. Coming back to the point of living your parents dream, I suppose some parents do insanely pressurise their kids to pursue a certain career, sometimes because they themselves couldn't do it or they just think its right for their children to follow there footsteps . But the same theory can definitely not be applied to every Indian household. My own parents and many whom I know are completely fine with what their children's goals in life are.

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