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I disagree with you for several reasons. First, emergency services are vital for society. We cannot put out house fires ourselves, operate surgery on ourselves, arrest a burglar, etc. They provide protection and help us when needed. Also, school should be required. It's important that children start learning at an early age and have social interaction with other kids. The subjects schools teach kids will definitely be useful later in life because they'll find hobbies and interests. Having a government keeps us safe because they provide shelters when natural disasters occur and they enforce the law when needed.

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I would rather live under a government for multiple reasons. The sole purpose of a government is to protect people from conflict and to create a set of rules. Although having a government hasn't completely stopped conflict from occurring, it has established justice and unison. Having a government has created organization on several levels. Money serves as a medium of exchange and determines a country's economic wealth. Without a government, there wouldn't be any sort of currency. Also, sovereignty is an important right created by the government because without it, citizens would be unprotected by threatening countries. Law and order were created by the government to bring justice to those negatively affected by others. Without rules and guidelines, our country would be very unsafe and unorganized causing inequality in society. Most importantly, a person with knowledge and responsibility is placed in power over the country. Having a president is an organized way of distributing power because our country gets to vote fairly and then the president makes important decisions that we as citizens cannot make.

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