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I can see why you would think it would be beneficial to be free of government, however there are a few flaws in that plan. First, even though there would be no riots regarding the government, there would still be riots and fights over other issues and there would be no authority to stop the fighting, which would result in people getting hurt. Second, though you would get a tax break, there would be no economics system so you wouldn't be able to make any money in the first place. Also, it would be very unreliable to depend on other people's willingness to help you survive. Though it would be nice to be able to trust people to that extent, it is a little unrealistically optimistic. So, though your points are compelling, they are a bit unrealistic.

1 point

In my opinion, it is necessary to establish a government to ensure the safety and well being of a civilization. Without a government, citizens would be deprived of safety regulations regarding food, water and other similar necessities, making everyday life unsafe. Not only that but no laws would be in place to protect people's safety or rights whatsoever. For example, if you were injured while doing your job, you wouldn't have workers compensation to help pay for medical costs. As well as constantly being in danger, there would be no formal education. So lets say you did get hurt on the job, you may not want to visit a doctor anyways, considering they would only have the knowledge they could provide for themselves, rather than a formal education from a medical school. Another issue would be lack of jobs. Almost all jobs are under some form of government, so in the event that there is no government, those jobs would disappear. Another safety issue would be lack of laws. For example, driving in a car would be extremely deadly because there would be no rules to follow. You wouldn't have to stop at red lights, you could turn wherever you want, you could even drive down the wrong side of the road and there would be nothing to stop you. Lack of a government would make everyday life extremely dangerous. Absolute freedom comes at the price of guaranteed rights and safety.

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