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I disagree with this statement for a couple of reasons. One is that if we didn't pay taxes we wouldn't have our common needs such as roads or firefighters or police officers. Taxes from us pay for these things. Another reason why I disagree is with no government you have to think of other peoples situations, some could be really hurt from this if having a lot of currency and having it all go to waste or if someone doesn't know how to build anything and they are clueless on what to do in their life without a government. All in all, I think we do need a government so these things don't happen and we can live without any worry about this stuff.

1 point

I would much rather live under a government for many reasons. One is the government gives out jobs in a bunch of ways, for example cleaning the water or checking for the disease in the meat we eat. This leads me to my next point, without a government, things would be nowhere as clean as if we did have a government. An example is a meat inspector, they check all the meat we eat. If we didn't have a government, we could be risking our lives eating bad meat. Another example is our water, if we have no goverment then our water would be dirty because our government check our water and cleans it so we don't die. With a government, however, our water is clean and My last reason why we should have a government is for our protection since we have a government we have a military which consists of the navy army and seals. Without a government, no of these branches nor military would exist. In conclusion, I believe that we should have a goverment and keep the one we have right now.

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