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First of all, the majority of riots and fights is held by politics because our government prevents the reasoning for riots held over other needs. For example a serious riot would be held over food or jobs, which would be causes of having no government. So while it may completely erase the amount of riots with the cause of politics, there would be many more, because of the variety of societal problems following the erase of governments. Also in contrast to your point, the loss of the monetary system, and the regulations placed around it would cause an eruption of corruption in those that have the necessary needs and those that do not. In addition we would rely on each other to form our own societies. This is correct however it would not be a peaceful little town or community. In actuality they would either dominate smaller groups or be dominated by a larger group. Finally, because of the groups formed by localized people, the local areas would be more frequently robbed and run out of business as there would most definitely be roving bands of thieves. In addition there would be nobody to stop them with the loss of the police force. These are only some of the possibilities of what could go horribly wrong with the loss of the government.

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I believe that having a government is completely necessary. While many may say that government is not necessary because nature didn't make us for governments, or that we will untie under less violence, they are completely wrong. Now, this is not an insult to those of this opinion, however it is just a mere statement of facts. If nature did not intend for us to make governments, then why force us into positions of governmental necessity, like the bubonic plague. In addition it is a complete misunderstanding of the facts, if one believes that it will reduce violence. While they may be right that people will form together, they will end up forming their own quasi-governments, and end up creating 'gang wars' between these groups. Instead of decreasing violence, we would just cause more. In addition, people state that life would be better without taxes. This may be true for an individual, however taxes are necessary to the security of the greater population. To explain this further, without taxes we would have a shortage of jobs because of the non-existent pay for a state worker. in addition to that, we would have no army to defend ourselves with, or even further, no police force. Finally the government is completely necessary because of the fact that terror and chaos would reign otherwise. The markets would be flooded and dominated, habitats will be destroyed, animals will be driven to extinction, and there will be an insecurity of money and the value of it. These are all causes of the losses of regulations and laws that are provided by the governments around the world. These are only some of the big picture ideas of why government is needed, you can only imagine how much the loss of governments it would affect the local area.

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