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I support this argument and everything it says for many reasons. People will be looking for someone to look up to and have someone to take care of everyone. Not everyone can provide for themselves and it is important to have a government to ensure that everyone feels taken care of and protected. There is no way that the citizens of the country would be able to handle all of the responsibilities that the government does. This is why the government is needed to handle things that are out of our knowledge. Everyone should feel protected with a strong military that can protect us.

1 point

Government is necessary. There are many reasons to support this. A government ensures that all people have their basic ends met. The government takes care of simple things like making sure the garbage is cleaned up and also having a pure supply of water. Without the government, many citizens would become very ill which leads to chaos because people have no way of taking care of themselves. Another reason is that without a government there would be no laws or any regulations. This causes extreme danger and chaos for everyone. Having laws keep us protected and held accountable for bad actions. Without the government, people would do anything they desired which causes terrible things to happen. The government provides justice. If someone does something illegal, the judicial branch will make sure the right person is being punished for the right crime. This is very important to keep people accountable. Government also provides the access of basic public education everyone deserves and should obtain. Everyone should have the chance to know how to read and write. Without a government, the countries citizens will become less and less educated. Another strong reason, is a defense or a military. The government provides a military to act as a defense for us and to keep us safe. The idea of having no government makes it very easy for other countries to take over and to be at war with us because we wouldn't have any control or a strong military to protect ourselves with. The governments police also protect us from internal threats like organized crime. Having no government would eventually lead to no people living within that country anymore. The government keeps us safe, healthy, and protected. These are all basic things that everyone wants to ensure are being taken care of. Without a government, everything would quickly break down leading to chaos and potentially death. Government keeps us all in check and taken care of to the best we can be.

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