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Although Congress has power of the purse and controls money, the current president has worked around this. Between 2017 and 2018, president Trump requested billions of dollars from Congress to build the wall, and Congress repeatedly rejected his request. To get around this Trump abused the National Emergencies Act and declared a national emergency and also signed a bill that granted over 1 billion dollars for border fencing. Trump is described as having "flimsy evidence" for his proposal, but he still got around congress and got the money he wanted after it was rejected by congress.

2 points

Article 2 in the constitution gives the president the power to make executive orders, which are like laws, and don't have to be approved by Congress. Although they can be undone by the next president, executive orders are still a very powerful tool that works as an advantage for the current office holder, being that they allow the president to go around Congress and make emergency policies.

5 points

One reason that the executive branch is more powerful than legislation is because the executive branch isn't polarized. Congress is divided between people who identify as liberals or conservatives, and republicans and democrats. In the 2018 midterm elections, the senate was won by a majority of republicans, and the house was won by a majority of democrats. This prevents a lot from being done such as bills and laws being passed, because the democrats and republicans in congress will most likely disagree on the issue. In the executive branch however, the president has a say so in who becomes his vice president, his cabinet officials, and the head of independent agencies.

2 points

A strong central government will not be able to represent the average citizen, being that it would be too far removed. The United States of America is too large for the central government to respond to the needs and worries of citizens who live far away in rural areas. The book states that “They (farmers and artisans), could not afford to travel to the capital city to debate and vote on laws.” The book also states that “Additionally, they did not think it possible, nor they trust, that educated, wealthy men from established families could represent the interests of the bulk of the population. What did a Boston banker know of the needs of a Western Massachusetts blacksmith.” At this time, this was very important because a large majority of citizens lived outside of the city in rural areas.

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