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RSS CoolDude

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-1 points

I am not a troll. This site has a homosexual bias. Doesn't it? Explain Romans 1:26. Explain that verse and don't reply with that DO NOT JUDGE LEST YE BE JUDGE CRAP. If you can not explain it just become an Atheist because you are a false Christian. Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith but I have to ask you a question. Are you even following what he said?

1 point

Judge not lest you be judged, sinner.

That verse was talking about hypocrities. You are taking it out of context. I am not in homosexual sin so I have the right to judge. Are you ever going to respond to Romans 1:26

-4 points
1 point

I am not saying that. The Bible is..... I don't know why being gay is a sin.

1 point

Your a Christian who goes against the teachings of the Bible. Be an Atheist if you want. Just don't claim to be a Christian when your not. I do not know if you are truly a Christian but I am worried never the less.

0 points

I could say the same to you. Me supporting gay rights does not make me less of a Christian or a debater. Fallacy fallacy. Disagreement does not equal a fallacy.

It doesn't make you less of a debater but it does make you a bad Christian. Also say you are right and David was gay, David also committed adultery and murder by putting someone on the front lines. By that logic it is okay because he did that. So even if David/Ruth/ETC was gay (Which is rejected by everyone except gaychristian101). It does not mean we should act like those people. It is obvious from reading that it was talking about friendship. No one without reading that site would think anything else unless you told them that.

It still doesn't explain Romans 1:26

1 point

Lets get back on to our debate. Let's not start on a bad way.

-1 points

Hate speech! Lol! Seriously argue or get off Createdebate. It was talking about friendship not homosexuality.

Love doesn't always equal sex you know.

-1 points

That argument has been debunked hundreds of times.... Your getting this from gay christian 101 aren't you?

-1 points

The Bible condemns gay marriage in Romans 1:26 and many other verses. Christianity assuming Romans and all of the Bible is infallible condemns homosexuality.

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