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To answer the question of "Thewayitis" I would ask you to consider this, that the media is forced to make certain concessions to the "government" in so much as the FCC oversees telecommunications. The Supreme Court has given away nothing that cannot be easily taken back, and the influence you speak of is negligible, as many individuals do not even watch the news, except in the interim between prime time television and the Tonight Show. Those responsible for "putting" Barack Obama in the White House were the same people you see day to day, American Voters. I grant you that when persons of some substance give their support to a candidate, such as Oprah did with Obama, followers of that person do follow their "role model's" recommendation. That isn't the fault of the media, that is simply the American Voter's expression of their freedom to follow bad advice. We all do it from time to time, and I am being sincere, when I say that I have done it on many occasions.

One thing that should be kept in mind, when speaking of the FCC, Media and the Governments control thereof, is that media giants' main goal is to make money. The moment the government gets involved, the profits will undoubtedly disappear.

(I would like to add, that, though you wrote "is", I am quite sure you meant "are".)

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Tales have been told down the centuries of spirits, apparitions, or ghosts interacting with those that are living. In Norse mythology they are referred to as banshees, in Roman mythology vespers. No matter what culture you choose, if you look, you will find similar tales. then you will ask yourself, what are these things that people seem so afraid of? Well, if you believe the Bible, then the answer is simple. They are demons. According to the Bible, once you die your soul or spirit is no longer here on earth. I know what you're thinking, if that is true, why do people say they have seen grandma sitting in her rocker late at night? It is simply a ploy of demons to raise doubt in our minds. Demons exist, as a result, people see, what appear to be dearly departed loved ones, though they are just a glimpse of a lie.

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