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RSS Insania

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1 point

I primarily speak English, the only language which I'm fluent in.

I do have some understanding of Spanish, and can speak very broken Spanish.

I am currently learning to speak Portuguese.

1 point

That's a great answer. I couldn't have said it better myself.

1 point

The Palestinians have their anger directed at those who have been occupying them,

and that hasn't been the British for over 60 years. It's not the British manning check points and building separation walls throughout the West Bank. Yes the British Government

played a major part in causing the current situation, however they are not the

major factor in it's perpetuation. The Israeli government has the power to try

and make things right but unfortunately they choose not to.

3 points

For starters the question is slanted and being slanted is not a proper way

to start a debate. The responses to the question are generally slanted,

not the question itself.

Maybe you should have asked it like this:

"Who deserves more land in Israel/Palestine?" or

"Who deserves more land Israelis or Palestinians?".

1 point

Well there are many problems in the world.

I'm gonna go with the one that I feel is the most pressing

and the root behind many of the other problems.

That is... over population.

1 point

Israel is far more likely to throw the first punch.

They already have nukes.

1 point

It's very much a possibility if the Republicans loose this election.

Why wouldn't the Bush administation start a conflict with Iran just

before a newly elected Democratic administration takes over?

I wouldn't put it past the neocon think tanks.

2 points

I say Socialism because absolute freedom plus human nature could produce

some scary results. I think there would be far more potential for crime in a

society run by total Anarchy. I think humanity needs some kind of stucture.

I'm not saying that Anarchy produces crime, I'm saying who knows what it

would produce? What services would Anarchy produce? At the end of the

day it's whether I have food or availability of medical care that I'm really

concerned with. Would Anarchy be as reliable at provideing me with the

necessities of life? I think under Socialism we all have more oppertunity to

work together to produce what is needed to sustain life.

1 point

A fetus is not yet a child. It is the product of the woman's body despite it

being viable future offspring. And although males have a stake in this

creation of life they are not the ones who have to take the risks of bearing

children. Pregnancy is a very risky situation for women and I think the

pro-life camp takes this very lightly. Women are responsible for bringing

life into this world, however that responsibility falls into each and everyone

of their hands. Every woman should have the right to decide what's best

for her health. After all it's her body and not yours.

-1 points

Here is an exchange from Sep 28th John Adler/Chris Myers debate for the 3rd Congressional District seat according to the Courier Post:

As to the top of the ticket, Adler said it was a blessing that Barack Obama has not been in Washington all that long, while John McCain was part of the longtime Senate status quo that allowed the current economic crisis to occur.

Myers countered that Obama has never made what he calls "a command decision," and that as a small-town mayor himself, he knows that Sarah Palin has the experience to be a heartbeat from the presidency.

At a time when even conservatives are publicly raising questions about Palin, Myers still firmly has pom poms in hand. So Myers continues to say he will be an independent voice in Washington, while he can't even manage to be an independent voice in New Jersey.

You wonder, can Chris Myers see Russia from his house too? Is Myers trying to say he has the experience to be Vice President since he has served as a small town mayor as well? Or maybe he's qualified to be Governor of PA because he can see Philadelphia on his way to work.

I'm pretty sure Myers has been targeting unafilliated voters with his mailers since I'm the

only one in my houusehold receiveing them. None of the registered Republicans in

my household have received them. Further more his mailers fail to mention that he's

even a Republican. They just state that he's an "Indepedant voice".

Who does Myers think he's kidding?

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