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RSS Tacherman

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1 point

In other words, when I asked you whether you are a fucking idiot, your answer should have been a simple: yes sir.

Well it wasn't, because I'm not an idiot, so just quit trying.

I wonder why it is that the most offensively stupid, ignorant people always have the most to say?

I don't know where you got that mindset from, but you got that backwards. I'm not one of those people. The well educated and intelligent are the ones that say a lot. But in your case, you're calling yourself stupid, because I've seen your arguments, and they show a lot of what you have to say.

I have no interest reading, let alone responding to your jabbering idiocy you cretin.

You have no interest reading probably because you can't answer my questions. Oh, and try looking up those words you just said about me, because I'm sure you don't know the meaning to them.

1 point

It's a great reason.

Oh really? That's the equivalent of saying that it was a good reason to ban the person because they didn't believe I won a trophy.

I think that perhaps you're just a fucking idiot.

Well your opinion is wrong. An idiot is someone who is stupid, and someone who is stupid is defined as "having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense." So clearly what you said was wrong.

You changed "most harrowing experience of someone's life" into "something" to try to downplay the significance of your comments.

I didn't change anything. What I was trying to tell her was how she had no reason to ban me just for not believing her in something. Like I said, she had no evidence, so her point can't be proven. Besides, it's a human thing to not believe others. Also, the only thing I did was support FromWithin, but then I got banned. Do you honestly think that was a good reason to ban me? Just for supporting someone?

Are you a complete fucking idiot?

Like I said, I'm not.

You were not banned for disagreeing with someone's opinion.

Actually, I was.

You were banned for trying to tell a complete stranger what has and/or has not happened in their own lives.

That's stupid, not once did I try and tell her what happened or didn't happen in her life, I simply disagreed with her statement of her being raped, and again I shouldn't be banned for such a reason.

You are an offensive moron.

I'm the offensive one? Look at yourself, you're the one calling me names you hypocrite. Next time listen to yourself and check what you're saying.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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