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1 point

Donald Trump “directed” Michael Cohen to make hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and another woman during the 2016 election and knew it was wrong to do so, his former personal lawyer has claimed.

1)Not illegal.

2)Has zero to do with Russia collusion.

In a television interview broadcast on Friday, Cohen said: “He directed me to make the payments. He directed me to become involved in these matters.”

Still not illegal. Still has nothing to do with Russia.

The president’s former lawyer was sentenced to three years in prison this week over campaign finance violations, tax fraud and other charges

From well before Trump's Presidential campaign, has nothing to do with Russia, and has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

As for campaign violations, he took that in a deal to get a lesser sentence. Lawyers have those they defend take a lesser charge they didn't commit all the time in court. No evidence was ever provided against him for a reason. The lawyers are laughing at your ignorance.

1 point

Ahahahahaha! Bronto, you are so stupid it's literally cringeworthy.

I wouldn't insult my intellectual superior who retired in his 30s when I'm jobless and living with Mommy. It's not a good look.

Firstly, you claimed he IS a Democrat.

So did wikipedia. How dare they.

Secondly, he was Deputy Finance Chairman of the RNC in 2017.

Because he's a lawyer who knows finance law. Nothing to do with his personal politics.

You literally make reality up as you go along

Wikipedia agrees with me. So does Cohen, who told reporters and the FBI he didn't vote for Trump because he's a Democrat. The FBI can easily obtain that record and most likely has.

because you have the mind of a child

I retired in my 30s. You play Skyrim.

which is trapped inside the body of an adult.

My retirement and freedom feel very trapped-like. How does jobless mommy dependence feel?

0 points

Michael Dean Cohen (born August 25, 1966) is a former American attorney and convicted felon who was a lawyer for Donald Trump from 2006 until May 2018.

And he was a Democrat from 2006-2018. His crimes also were before Trump running for President and have zilch to do with Russian collusion. He was nailed on tax fraud from years ago. He was not nailed on anything related to Trump or that happened since or During Trump running for President.

Cohen was a vice-president of The Trump Organization, and the personal counsel to Trump, and was often described by media as Trump's "fixer".

Right. Because he was a lawyer getting paid well by a billionaire who isn't ideologically driven and has been a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent.

Cohen was deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.

See above.

He previously served as co-president of Trump Entertainment and was a board member of the Eric Trump Foundation, a children's health charity

1)See above.

2)Oh my god, cut his balls off...

7 points

You own all of the puppets on the site. You even debate yourself. I saw you pretending to be Amarel last night.

1 point

You are nom. Or do you guys get together and enter and leave at the same time intentionally?

-2 points
-2 points
-1 points

Too bad that you aren't intelligent isn't it virgin boy?

1 point

The dinosaur self identifies as Joecavalry's kid. He owes child support.

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