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RSS Wildcard3

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1 point

The deal does unfairly benefit Iran. It is ambiguous and a bad deal that does nothing but brings question the protection of Iranians! Under Fatwa, nuclear weapons are forbidden under Islamic Law. So, how can this deal be a "stepping stone keeping the threat of nuclear war at bay if Iran has laws that already prevent that?

Wildcard3(8) Clarified
1 point

My argument is based of the views of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hardliner

3 points

The deal between the US and Iran deal is a deceptive one. The deal clearly favors US and it does not protect or take into account the lively hoods of Iranians. The deal is not forbidding Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon because it was already forbade. It's an assurance to make sure Iran stays tolerable. It's an agreement FOR the US and a punishment for Iran. It's just America maintaining their arrogance attitude and doing something that only benefits them in the end like always. "The Americans say they stopped Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon," Khamenei said. "They know it's not true. We had a fatwa, declaring nuclear weapons to be religiously forbidden under Islamic law. It had nothing to do with the nuclear talks."

1 point

People do have the right to their views no matter what. A person shouldn't have something they believe innsnatched from them simple becasue we think of it as some form of intolerence. People are free and should remain that way. That's how things were started and how things will always be.

1 point

I don't think we should tolerate everything because thats is a form of oprression. Telling they can't do something because its ridiculous or extreme is taking away their freedom. Religion is a very complicated thing to try and tolerate and people should be free to do as they please within their religion. What they practice and believe is something we can't just take from them. Taking it from them would only make matter worse and put us in even more trouble.

2 points

Americans would be losing jobs. Most of the gains from the TPP would not go to the workers. So it wouldn't be benefiting workers at all and it would also be taking their jobs.

2 points

How would the TPP be great way to increase economy when so many jobs will be lost. The TPP would be taking more jobs from american workers and outsourcing them to other countries. The TPP may be good for corporations, but it does little to nothing for the workers who fuel these big corporations.

Supporting Evidence: Is the TPP good for you and me? (
2 points

The TPP is a bad idea. It favors companies and the rich and harms workers and laborers who would losing jobs due to this deal. We're already seeing a decrease in jobs and the TPP would only increase that by outsourcing more of our jobs that could be for Americans. The TPP would continue to shrink the middle and stagnate our wages. For the pas t 20 years since was created, the u.s has lost millions of jobs. The TPP would be doing more harm than good for America.

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