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RSS Iamerin

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2 points

reading bible doesnt mean you will understand it itself...

some articles/phrases from the bible are hard to understand that even your intelligence couldnt reach the meaning of it...

thats why ther is the science,to support the bible,actually if people will just search answers combining the two,it would clear the 'the meaning of life'...

both compliment each other, i read science and bible and just found it both overwhelming each other... then the 'knowledge' replaces the 'belief'.

--believing,somehow, help those people you describe as need to feel special or,ther faith to God are stronger than the intelligence you actually has found--

1 point

is there really a spirit?...

country presidents act like they are God,sadam acted like God...hitler too...

it could be like,- million years ago an alien landed here on earth,taught people how this and that life was...and could be because people wer so amaze and stunned,they have thought that ,that creature is one of a knowledgeable extra super human they called it God...

just like the Bible written by humans,humans that have extra job apostles...

people are afraid carma,afraid of punishments and from what human believed God will judges us if we dont follow his rules,it is posible to remain his Godliness for million of years...not sure though...

brain capabilities are maybe mistakenly describe as Spirit...just like when we see our selves sleeping when we are sleeping and say youre floating then ask for explanation on frenz or relatives,they will tell you its your spirit goes out of your body to travel other dimension...but it is actually a

1 point

ive read some articles about the belief of god started from ancients civilizations,that ancient people saw UFO came to earth and dominate them,thought them that they are God,and people feared them so they believed.There are other articles that explains how human exist on earth...and its is by genetic engineering by aliens that landed here,to save ther species and made slaves for them...

those articles are againts on what religion had taught to people,...

religions said god is spirit on his state of being...

1 point

i never heard nor seen a preacher that from religion x promotes the religion Y,all i heard from each preacher from diffrent religions are that they are the ONE,that they are the true gates to heaven,some of them even heard off crticizing other religion,so who do you think that thought or gives the idea of a "fanatics"its like they teaching us to close our minds to other different views...

can see now that religion is a big business,a great way to multiply there cents...they preventing us to listen to other religions that might invite us to leave the present religion,just imagine how many membrs we could invite to come wid you to the new religion,thats a thousand of donations/contributions already,will just fly away from them...

its like a MLM/networking business,invite and invite then baptist...

people are intelligent enough to know whats good and whats bad,they need freedom not dictators.

peace start with in our selves,peace is like a diseases could spread and be well

ill stick to the religion named createdebate...

1 point

i have several friends that thought of killing there selves,some committed it but survive and some i heard just

most of the survivor,said after days they had passed that dark obstacle of ther lives ,realizes how pretty life is,they realize they scared ther love ones,and gave them trauma,contrary to what they had though when they wer actually doing the 'suicide'...i ask what gave them the urge to do it...

most are in a dark hole,deep frustrations heartbreaks any other madness,sadness kind of feeling.

if suicide would be legal,its like the 'time of realizing and moving on' end up to 1 shot of cyanide,'the seeing of true beauty of life moment'could end in 1 gun shot on your throat...

how ever medically assistd suicide(euthanasia) could be accepted somehow,depends on the family of the patients that want to end the suffering of ther love ones(isnt it a form of a murder) if the person is too old already and terminally ill or in comma for a long time...but i heard news that a patient had been comma for years suddenly had conscious the day her husband decided to release her life support...

so just imagine how her husband guilt about what he had decided...

4 points

life out side the earth belief started since ancient egypt,babylon,assyria,sumer on what we had learn from our studies,universe is unmeasurable,could have earth like planets on other galaxies.

as our existence are still a mistery,extraterrestrial beings might be also asking if same planet of them also exist,they might be far advance on technologies,and capable of hopping planet to planet.they might be watching

2 points

if the expert can prove that we can live on moon why not,but as of now its too dangerous for us.thers no oxygen unless you want to carry an oxygen tank for the rest of your life then go for it.

aside from that there are no food housing and ofcourse livelihood,if the expert can provide that and make the moon into typical living place then why not,but as of now thats thousand years in the making.

0 points

are you talking about "day dreaming?"...

well thats stupidity.

what evidence people want to see before they believe/before they have faith?...

somtimes we actually dont believe on what our eyes showing to us,faith here doesnt only mean it could be faith to god or any religions,it could be faith for the husbands,wives,kids,future dont see but you feel.

dig deeper.:)

2 points

i agree...

we could speak on somthing that is abusive or non sense at all,its not communicating at all.its anoying.

communicating is information transmission that both sender and reciever understand each parties,communicative information.

besides we are not all born psychic to guess what other people have in their minds.

and theres createdebate to communicate.

3 points

faith is not ignorance!...its actually HOPE.

when you want somthing to happen your actually crossing your finger,waiting for the results you been expecting.its actually hoping for the best,then the faith comes in.maybe literally faith defined as belief of absence of evidence,could not be proven,but it existed instinctively on our minds,on our hearts.ignorance is lack of knowledge,very diffrent from faith that cannot just be proven its just means theres knowledge on faith that just hard to define,just like some secrets that needs to remain as secrets.

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"just saying what i have in mind... "every1 is entitled of his/her own opinion" i wanna die and born again... 'return to innocence':) (love enigma)"

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