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Many argue that the Nuclear Deal has no benefit to Iran and some even go as far as saying it has created a worse situation for Iran. However, I disagree. The deal should be praised for lifting the threat of war and has given Iran an open hand in selling crude oil. Without the deal, Iran wouldn't be able to export oil, access to their assets would've become harder, and the sanctions on the automobile sector, petrochemicals, money transfer and precious metals. Under these circumstances a dreadful situation would be at hand.

3 points

People need to realize others are always going to disagree on topics and issues. We just need to compromise and coexist/protest peacefully. Unfortunately in 2017 this is an empty promise and coming to terms, this may never happen. The problems in USA isn't that we disagree we are just all a bunch of dickheads about disagreeing. Pick your battles wisely. When someone has an opposing view...let them (unless they plan to burn someone on a stake for disagreeing with them). They have this view because of lack of critical thinking you are arguing with a "fool" and that only makes you a fool. If they have this view due to critical thinking they will not "budge" and you shouldn't expect them to and you know you won't so it is a pointless exercise.The only exception would be someone coming to you and asking you to explain your views so they could consider your opinion and give it some thought...which doesn't sound like the case here. It is a shame that someone will shut someone down for the "one" thing they disagree with rather than continuing with it because of ALL the things which they hold in common with you...Its a good thing we can't all agree all the time(even one Christian with another Christian when discussing religion!!!) .... otherwise the world would consist of only ME and then there would be little expression / creativity / growth ;). For instance, a radical Islamic shouldn't be allowed to encourage their followers to hurt or kill people with opposing views thus leading to closed mindedness and it's this behavior that lead them down that road. Although if everyone agreed with everyone on every conceivable topic/issue what a strange world it would be. Healthy debate is essential for progress and without it we might still be living in the dark ages.

1 point

The wall is not brilliant. America already has a wall. Trump's wall will cost $49 billion dollars and only has a lifespan of 25 years...who's going to be paying for this? Trump's bright idea is to for Mexico to pay it but there President said no. The problem with the existing wall isn't the structure but that illegals have figured out a way to go over it,, around it, and under it. So what's going to stop them from continuing to do so. The wall will not solve any problems. There needs to be tougher legislation on illegals, regulations on visas, and a non-tolerance for these policies that are already in place!!!

Supporting Evidence: Why A Wall Won't Keep America's Newest Immigrants Out (
2 points

The TPP benefits the poor as well as the wealthy. The aim of the TPP is the benefit the poor and wealthy, the consumers and the producers. These past few decades of globalization have led to the largest fall in absolute poverty in our history.

2 points

The misunderstanding with TPP is jobs. Recent studies coauthored by Peter Petri shows that the TPP agreement will increase wage gains slightly but will not alter the U.S. employment levels. This theory is known as the "Classical Economic Theory". Basically, if competitive industries flourish, and less competitive industries struggle, job gains and losses even out. Some workers will not be able to make the transition, but those who do will get new higher paying jobs which will balance out the unemployment rates.

Supporting Evidence: TPP Trade Deal (
1 point

There are several issues coinciding with building a wall around the border of Mexico. Primarily these are cost, effectiveness, national image. Firstly, the Mexican border spans about 1,989 miles long, but the question isn't if it can be done but how much it would cost. It's currently estimated that it would cost $49 billion dollars with only a life span of 25 years (costing each American $140.91). Which may not seem like a lot but we must take into consideration unemployed, infants, elderly and people who simply cannot afford this which would make this price rise. There are three main faults in this idea. The wall has a beginning and an end, meaning regardless of how tall the wall is, those who want to get around it could simply go to the end and come in that way. The problem with the existing wall isn't the structure but the illegals are tunneling under it, so who's to stop them from tunneling under our $49 billion dollar wall? A wall will not stop illegal immigration (seeing to that more illegals come through Canada than Mexico). The wall is a Band-Aid on a bigger wound. If we were to build a permanent wall, it would need to be constructed so people cannot go around it, over it, or under it and would need to be constantly monitored from both sides. With that being said, the wall is idealistic for this solution, what America needs is tougher legislation on illegals, regulations on visas, and a non-tolerance for those breaking these policies.

1 point

Many have argued that the TPP will kill jobs and lead American into economic disaster, but we must take into consideration the back fire of killing the TPP instead. Killing the TPP will benefit China and not solve the matrix of job worries we are currently prisoner to and would take a huge blow to the U.S's influence in Asia. On the contrary, if TPP is alive and thriving, it will support economic growth and jobs by removing trade barriers, increasing U.S. trade with these 11 countries and invest ties with them ( combined population of 486 million people and accounted for about 15% of global trade). This also could lead to Japan and American to draw closer and opening Japan's market so the West does not have to depend on China. The long-term affect benefits not only the U.S., but other nations by creating high standards, counter-weighting China's increasing economic influence, and let's not forget trading with countries who GPD is 40% of the entire world's will not hurt the U.S. but benefit the economy.

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