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RSS Jalien377

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1 point

Hell yea it should be it would give people a reson to pay attention to things in the olympics besides the gymnasts asses

2 points

bad company two is soo much better than cod because A.cod is chalked full of neds B. cod is chaklked full of really good players that can't shoot for shit C cod has better graphics but overall battlefield has the better gamplay

1 point

abortions are not wrong if you see an injured animal it is best scientifically to put it out of its misery a person i know had an abortion because the baby would have suffered and died at birth so it was better to have one

2 points

yes it,s all about being with someone you love.who you want to spend the rest of your life with

3 points

science has discoverd things like fossiles of early humans and apes proving evoulition plus if you look at older pictures of some animals they have changed

3 points

darwin is clearly right theres to much evidence on his side

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