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1 point

Google is better! It is simple, easy to use, loads quickly (because of simply design), nice layout, just better....

1 point

PS3 is better! You can play demos of games for free at the marketplace and there are many other free features as well. I love mine and it is reliable

1 point

I would say yes because we have to support the services that they cannot afford. Plus, they take low wage jobs that belong to Americans. This takes American jobs away from Americans! Some may say that the illegal immigrants have to pay taxes as well, but some are undocumented workers, so their income isn't taxed. So, I would say they are an economic burden to America...

1 point

The necessary chemicals needed to produce muscle are more prominent in men therefore making it harder for women to grow muscle mass.

1 point

uhhhh, new words are added to the dictionary every new words shouldn't 'start' being created because they are already being made

1 point

It should not be optional! Though I do believe they should make gym class work better for everyone of different physical ability. The overall goal of gym class should be to help students learn about ways to stay healthy and to improve their overall health. It should be required so that students are at least informed of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle whether they choose to do so or not. It shouldn't be optional because students should be informed of their options.

Physical health is as important as knowledge.

1 point

Global Warming does exist, but I don't think that we will be significantly affected by it any time soon. Earth naturally warms up on its own. but we do affect it significantly...

1 point

Yes, if you use is sparingly. If you are addicted and wasting all your time on it, then no. It's good if you use it... It helps you communicate with people in a different way and share things that you want people to know about. It is also a form of entertainment with Farmville, Fashion CIty... etc Just don't waste all your time on it ( like I used to)

2 points

Being obese comes with costs

-airline seats

-bigger clothes


as does being skinny, or vegetarian, or vegan, or diabetic

it's just one of those things you have to deal with becuase it is part of who you are and if you take 2 seats pay for 2 seats

2 points

I think you should pay for the amount of space you need

If you take up 2 seats then pay for 2 seats

If you need 1, pay for 1

That's how it has always been, you pay for what you need

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Winning Position: McDonalds is Better
Winning Position: NO
Tied Positions: NO vs. YES
Winning Position: NO!

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