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RSS Xtcxtc

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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Banned for proving I'm a liar

Fixed that for you. No charge buddy.

2 points

Banned for acting like a little girl in pink panties.

Lol. Buddy, I'm the closest thing you've had to a woman since your wife left you and took the kids. And I'm 185 pounds of pure muscle.

2 points

No shit. That's the point.

I agree. The point is that you lied and said he claimed Alex Jones made up the name New World Order. That isn't what he said, nor is it even close to what he said, hence you are a liar sir.

xtcxtc Clarified
2 points

That's just a red herring.

That's a remarkable coincidence given that you are a golden idiot.

xtcxtc Clarified
1 point

And, you can fuck off.

So you've banned him for explaining Newton's Laws to you, even though you opened the debate because you (ostensibly) wanted him to explain Newton's laws to you?

Wow. Lol.

2 points

The researchers then attempted to reverse time in a four-stage experiment.

Well that kind of settles it. I presume you got banned for disproving him. That's usually the way these things work.

1 point

Citation: "I am not racist". If a person says they are not racist it means just that

Shut up you demented fucking retard.

I don't consider myself a racist (David Duke)

Wow, looks like David Duke can't be a racist. I mean, he said he wasn't right? We have to believe his claims automatically. Same goes with Hitler too, when he claimed he wasn't racist. No citation required on that either. We can just go right on ahead and take the mighty fuhrer at his word.

Stop writing stupid stuff. You're a fucking idiot. Accept it. Live it. Breathe it. Smell it.

2 points

Attacking Communism isn't attacking the left.

Are you completely fucking stupid? Communism is on the left so yes, attacking Communism is attacking the left.

2 points

The only right winger in WW2 was Churchill.

“I am an English Liberal. I hate the Tory Party, their men, their words and their methods.” (Winston Churchill, 1903).

Germany and Italy were Socialists

Bronto, stop using puppet accounts to repeat your Nazi propaganda you irritating little shitbag. Neither the Nazis nor the brownshirts had anything to do with socialism. The historical record confirms unequivocally that they were fascists who were on the far right. Indeed, the Nazis murdered millions of socialists.

Shut your lying fucking mouth.

Far-right politics are politics further on the right of the left-right spectrum than the standard political right, particularly in terms of extreme nationalism,[1][2] nativist ideologies, and authoritarian tendencies.[3]

The term is often used to describe Nazism,[4] neo-Nazism, fascism, neo-fascism and other ideologies or organizations that feature ultranationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist, anti-communist or reactionary views.[5] These can lead to oppression and violence against groups of people based on their supposed inferiority, or their perceived threat to the native ethnic group,[6][7] nation, state[8] or ultraconservative traditional social institutions.[9]

1 point

I'm suggesting you like both words

You don't even know what you're suggesting you pathetic little Nazi. You're just throwing mud at the left again to see what will stick. Same as you do all day every day.

Why don't you just fuck off? Nobody here likes you or wants to read your painstaking efforts to regurgitate Nazism. Just kill yourself for fuck's sake.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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