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Are the kids of this generation immature

Well they lie they act stupid and lie and all that stuff

Yes they are

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Well I would, say they are more brainwashed, with all the technology! In my time there was the first Nintendo! But know you have all this Ipad,new phones,big TV..Technology..

It is making them busy, to follow their idols of stars, or gangsters rappers, these non sense stuff! The way the wear clothes is choking as well, everything is tied, you can already see the form of her body just when she wears a Jean, I summer they like to lye naked around...drink beer. I believe that 1 of 2 kids are brainwashed. Fact is that they are exposed to it 24h! They might even dream of it! This is not the kids fault, but the fault of our society.

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I know right random Japanese words "わたしわわたしGA karera O愛しITA petto IU智頭NI hamatte IRUmonmōにないうさぎO oshietekudasaiないbutsurigaku飼いらすノーkaimono risuto飼いならすノーhitobitoいいや宿題Oshiyōshinakereba naranaijōkyōNI御座います。"

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Yes this generation is immature because a lot of people talk about sex and are immature about it and I hear everyday and some days I don't want to hear that crap because its not necessary for me right now and they are so focused on technology and they can't go one day without their phones or their devices.

I don't play my ps3 during the week because my parents don't want me to be so focused on video games rather then my school work and last year I used to play every day but my grades were getting low but now I am getting better grades and I can survive days without playing video games and being on a device.

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Yes, I think so. I liked the old ways, you know. Kids nowadays just agree to what technology says and I dont think that they have their own opinions about things anymore.

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that is a fantastic point. the young people of this generation rely completely on technology. without it they would struggle purely because they have been brought up in a world where at the touch of a button they can find whatever they need to know.

however it is what they do with that information whioch is interesting. at the minute we are seeing a huge dinamic shift in the world of teaching where instead of teaching information they need to teach analysis of said infomation, because the young people have all the information they need on their laptops, phones, tablets etc. the result of this is fairly incredible. my 11 year old cousin is already far smarter than i'll ever be.

it is true that the downside of this is the next generations are going to suffer from laziness as a result of this and i think we are already able to see the fruits of this. but is this immaturity, no, dont think so. i dont think young people are less mature nowadays but i do think the ways in which they are immature are.

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yes they are of course immature...

but then again havent they always been?

while i would love to be all high and mighty and say i was never immature, if i am truely honest i was never slightly mature until at least 16 - 17 and even then i didnt completely act adult all the time. heck i still dont and frankly dont want to be!

hyes im still part of the younger end of the spectrum but i dont think that there has ever been a generation who can say they have always acted mature.

it is true that the way in which they act immature has changed owing to technology etc but i dont think that makes them more immature (if the ps3 was around when i was 10, i would never have left it) also i think in some ways the modern day accessibility of absolutely everything makes them more mature. young people faced with adult dilemas. having spent a while working in the field of youth i have seen the effect of this.

so in conclusion yes they are immature, but they are no less mature than i was at their age and i dont think the older generations were that much more mature than them either (judging by my parent etc) however the ways they are immature is completely digfferent

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The kids today are growing up too fast. They also look like adults when they are around 14.

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