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As humans should we be moving away from animal instincts?

Humans have grown so much further apart from the animal kingdom, to the point where our actions cannot be considered 'natural'. From complex agriculture, inventions, theories, experiments, services, societies, religions, laws, buildings, vehicles, stories etc. as the human race has developed it increases the gap between what can be considered as being animal like.

So the question is should we be striving to further the gap or should we actually be closing the gap?


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I think we should be furthering ourselves from animal behaviour and instincts.

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Many people use arguments of evolution describing humans as advanced animals and that the purpose of life is to reproduce. It is quite obvious that there are greater purposes in life than reproduction.

I agree that we should not blindly follow animal instincts. These instincts are often unhelpful though some are helpful. For example a mother's compassion for her children is instinctual and should be valued and developed however the tendency to physically harm those who anger you is not helpful and should be abandoned.

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True but I don't just mean in small scale normal things, but as a society aswell. Marriage for example is definately human and not animal... written language - laws, religions etc. These things show a complex and human instincts.

However hierachys? alpha males and females? Groups/tribes/communities etc? Do they count as animal or human.. and should we keep them or eliminate them?

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yes we should cause if we dont than we shall loose all the interest in the animals rather than making more since in them

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It's impossible to leave our "animal" instincts behind. For the matter of fact, there are NO "animal instincts". Can you name 1 instinct that you can't observe at any animal? Eating, reproduction, survival (kill or be killed), leading, maternal attachment, living as a pack, attacking when you got nowhere to run and so on are all either instincts or they are triggered by them.

Our instincts are essential for our survival, therefore we can't just "deactivate them". You can't turn off your adrenaline level when you're afraid and you can't slow down your heart beating when excited.

So no, we shouldn't be moving away from our instincts. We simply can't.

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