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Capitalism & Communism Yin&Yang

Capitalism ultimately culminates in a mammoth corporate hierarchy.! Communism completely illuminates individual ownership.   The sweet spot is in the middle.  Some open competition and some social programs (especially healthcare)
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The hilarity of this is that I agree, being a Social Democrat myself, with a goddamn Nationalist Socialist (basically Mussolini) on that Cap/Com is a false dichotomy to split up and fight between.

jamesbody(163) Disputed
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with a goddamn Nationalist Socialist

Jesus Christ, are you ever going to open a history book and read the content? There is no such thing as a "national socialist". It's an oxymoron invented by Hitler to win votes you stupid boy.

Mingiwuwu(1469) Clarified
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I wouldn't vote a Nat-Soc into power.