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Christians worship a false god. Allah is the only true savior.

The christian god is al-shaitan. He is an imposter come to take the glory of Allah. Allah welcomes all into his arms. Peace be upon you.

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Believe what you want, if it doesn’t hurt others I personally don’t care. I chose to stay neutral with religion because they each have good points. If it doesn’t effect others negatively, go for it bro

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Daniksr(27) Clarified
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Allah also just means god anyway, I don’t see a difference between god and god

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JamesDD(10) Clarified
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Allah also just means god anyway

The Muslim God is not the same as the Christian God, obviously. Please see:-

Let’s first look at the origin and meaning for the term “Allah.” Allah probably comes from the Aramaic compound term “al-ilah,” which means “the god.” It is a generic term for the highest god of the people, and in Arabia it was in use for centuries before Muhammad came on the scene. Apparently it was one of the 360 gods worshipped in the ka’aba in Mecca, and was the chief god for the Quraysh tribe, which was the tribe Muhammad belonged to.

When we look at Yahweh, however, who is the God of the Bible, we see a different kind of deity. First of all, the name “Yahweh” comes from the time that God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. At that time God told Moses to call him “I am that I am,” or in Hebrew, “Yahweh.” It is significant that Jesus referred to himself as the “I am” in John 8:58. The Jews realized that Jesus was referring to himself as God and took up stones to stone him for what they believed was blasphemy. This link between Jesus in the New Testament and the burning bush in the Old Testament demonstrates the unity of the one God manifested to both the Jews and the Christians. This cannot be said of the Muslim God because Muslims reject the deity of Jesus and therefore reject much of what the New Testament says about Jesus. We also find that the Bible portrays Yahweh in contrast to Allah. For example, Allah is considered to be too holy to have personal relationships with man, but Yahweh is often described as a loving God interested in our personal struggles. Yahweh is also depicted as unchanging and One who assures the salvation of the faithful. Finally, because there is unity in the Trinity with the one God also being three persons, God can be described as the Father of Jesus.

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