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Coolest Action-adventure/ Survival console game

Which ones do you play?


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Real-world simulation

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I'm wild on Wii so I have to say Super Mario Galaxy!

Side: Super Mario Galaxy
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KIngdom Hearts 2 for the PS2. no game can beat that and only one game can match that. and that game is prince of persia for the wii.

Side: Fantasy
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I'm still soaking up on God of War 2. Greek mythology has never been as entertaining!

Side: GOW2
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Drakan: the ancient gates

Side: Drakan The Ancient Gates
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Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen II

Side: Blood Omen 2
2 points

CS/ Call of Duty!

Side: Call of Duty
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No matter what you chose it's contemporary. Even fantasy is contemporary so long as it's created in our time.

This means Oblivion, Halo, KOTOR, Half-Life and Counter-Strike are all "contemporary".

Side: All art made now is contemporary
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You know what I mean :p

For me there's a big difference in my gaming experience between playing a vampire and playing a cop.

The former is pure fantasy and the latter is more contemporary, or 'characteristic of the present'. Same with Grand Theft. Unless you have a better word for me.

However, if you're talking about a game involving mythology or with highly fictionalized main characters that may have super-human abilities, then I guess that could be categorized as fantasy.

Anyway, I'm not too concerned about hard-coded definitions, so you can place your coolest games in whichever column you feel is more appropriate.

Just make sure you list 'em all, in separate arguments if you like for tag ratings.

Side: San Andreas
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Call of Duty 4 IMO. there's other good stuff like GTA 4 and Resistence, but seriously, i'm too hooked to COD4 to even play anything else.

Side: Real-world simulation
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Resident Evil 4 isn't out-class or anything but its good fun in a contemporary setting.

Side: RE4