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Dem Admits They Block Legislation Because Don’t Want 2 Give President a Win

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D., N.J.) expressed frustration with her Democratic colleagues at a recent town hall, admitting they block legislation because they "don't want to give the president a win."

Speaking at a Livingston, New Jersey, town hall on Thursday, Sherrill revealed the "shockingly different mindset" of congressional Democrats who prioritize resisting President Donald Trump over passing legislation that could help their constituents.

"When I go, you know, I've gone up to people and said, ‘I need to get this piece of legislation passed,' and they say ‘Oh yeah, we just passed it,'" Sherrill said. "I said, ‘Yeah, we just passed it. I need the Senate to pass it and I need the president to sign it,' and they said ‘Well, we don't want to give the president a win.'"


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Screw legislating

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I disagree. i am going to vote Democrat, but I have no problem, giving love and respect, to my President. When i disagree with him, i email him privately, with respect, before I air a grievance, like Lord Jesus taught.

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If you vote Democrat, you'll vote for Bernie who praises Fidel Castro or Biden who is obviously in serious cognitive decline.

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You don't have the right, to tell me who, to vote, for. I have the right, to do whatever I want, and if you don't like it, tough.

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Watch the video. It is a clip taken out of context.

Talk about giving a win? Its McConnell holding everything up in the senate.

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