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Do you believe in LOVE?

Are you the person that believes in love or are you one of those booty call people that thinks sex is just a game and love is a made up story that people think is real???


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Yes but I don't think it's this 'thing' that you can fall in and out of. When two people get married and keep their promises and do their part and work at it, they are a great example of what love is.

Love is more than attraction and romance, it takes hard work and sacrifice.

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I am in love so therefor i believe in love. If love wasnt real than what is that feeling when you feel complete and you have butterflies in your stomach and your with the one that you know will last forever????

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yes i do believe in love. it is such a whirlwind of emotions.there is every emotion you can think of to be felt,but underneath those emotions is this deeper feeling of contentment ,that is what i call a simalar feeling to heartache,hence the saying love hurts. Then you know your in love.If that makes any sense, to you, i hope.However as i tell my son when he is down bout love. Throughout my life i had a few relationships where i truly believed i was in love and when they ended against my wishes i would be a sobbing mess crying i would never love again.I cant remember exactly how many times i said that, but you know, it does go to show that at some points of life, your in love and at other times just in lust.At this point in my life i can say that i now know the difference,and when your in love, you also get lust, added to that whirlwind of emotions.I am 37 my husband 61.Yes I believe in love.

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