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With glacier growth in CA whats next?
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It isn't a weird anomaly and it doesn't provide evidence that global warming isn't occurring.

This is in the same line of misconceptions that caused many people to balk when snow-falls increased in some parts of Antarctica and we've seen large snow-storms in the United States.

Heating causes increased precipitation; so while most glaciers (especially inland) are receding in all parts of the globe the mountain you are referring to, Mt. Shasta, has seen its glaciers increase in size. This, of course, is not due to any cooling in the area but an increase of precipitation due to the warming of the coastal waters nearby, which increase snow-fall.;=rss.bayarea

So, what scientists are saying is that global warming is causing the glaciers to increase in size, this is not happening despite global warming as many would suggest.

It would seem there is an abundance of information that GLOBAL WARMING is quite real, however, I tire of the blaming factor on this issue. We simply do not know, absolutely, how much of this phenomenon is part of the normal evolution of this planet or the impact of the universe in general and how much of it is man made and reversible. The fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter how this was created. What matters is that we do everything we can to minimize the damage already perpetrated on the athmosphere and reverse it if we can. I would take this to be a real issue. It makes a great deal of difference if we're ging to be facing another ice age or the possibility of the earth being reduced to a hot tub in which no one can swim!

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Global warming is real. Few scientists deny that. What is debatable, however, is what we should do about it. Is it large enough of a problem to warrant actions like the Kyoto protocol, or should we instead focus on larger global priorities like HIV/AIDS or malaria?

Supporting Evidence: Copenhagen Consensus' list of global priorities (
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The science of global warming is extensive, complicated and confusing, particularly when you try to listen to both sides of the anthropogenic argument. Both sides have points and counter points for each other and the debate over the cause and effects of global warming will likely never reach a consensus. Trying to make heads or tails of the issue is a stressful experience, and I think I'd rather punch myself in the balls for half an hour, at least that's predictable. I hit my nuts, pain is felt. Easy. Simple.

However, as others have pointed out, there are many reasons to cut back our burning of fossil fuels even with global warming aside. Do you like the convenience of a plastic spoon? Hard to eat Wendy's chili without one. Guess what, all that stuff comes from petroleum, and we don't have an infinite amount of that stuff.

Also, the fact that the city of Toronto has something called the AQI (Air Quality Index). If our whether reports include a number that indicates how safe the air outside is to breath, we are already in serious trouble.

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Is this a reality check or some weird anomaly? Is Global warming real or not?

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I think Global Warming is hog wash but I'm holding out hope that it is real because I just put in a new pool and I want to use it without having to heat it first.

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Warming and cooling trends do exist . The fossil record along with core samples support this to be the facts. The question is the role of biology and the products of biology and in greater context the role of humanity in global warming. other factors such as solar conditions geologic conditions and natural cycles play a much bigger part but much like a cup of water we are adding drops. The question is how big is the cup and how big are our drops. The earth is a huge diverse system that has worked to support biology for billion of years in different environments and time and again in systems with limited "flush' rates of purification in these environment one element of biology has strangled out or poisoned another and alot of times itself as well as evolution of its form (the perfect killer is what evolution roots for even at the price annihilation of existence. Mankind has successfully st ranged out many diverse biological system though plant selection,animal depletion and more recently pollution of rivers ,lakes airways aquifers . These in the past were isolated from global importance but with the rise of industrial mindset worldwide the great cup of the world is smaller and the drop that was humanity is now a constant rain

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