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 I am not Srom1883, I am Chuckhades! (18)

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I am not Srom1883, I am Chuckhades!

I admit it all now!

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I you are indeed ChuckHades, why don't you believe in God? He said it a while ago.

No Srom... just no... For God's sake, you spelt my username wrong.

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I don't understand, why would you use your alternate account to "expose" yourself and then deny it with yuor real account?

Srom(12203) Disputed
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That isn't me. The last time I went on was before I went to bed.

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I thought this was all dying down...

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Someone is starved for attention... I guess that's what happens when you have 14 brothers who all have accounts on CD.

Srom(12203) Disputed
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I don't have 14 brothers. I only have 3 younger brothers. 2 go on this site and 1 doesn't. My dad doesn't even go on.

And the lies continue.

Srom(12203) Disputed
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That wasn't me. Yesterday before I went to bed I checked CreateDebate and then went to bed and now I am at school looking at this right now.

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So this guy really is ChuckHades?

Can someone with more legal expertise than myself clarify this?

Does this count as forgery, or stealing my identity, or slander, or something?

I can tell you that Mors777 is not me (yea, you're all shocked by that). And so I believe the person behind this account has just stolen my identity, in a way.

I'm actually quite flattered...

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I know Mors777 isn't you. I don't really trust Mors777 is you. At first he messaged me and said that he was ChuckHades and then I asked you and I knew that it wasn't you because of the way you responded. We need to ask Andy what his IP address is and see where he lives because I can gurantee that he lives far away from me.

Tbh, I don't really care who Mors777 is. I do care when the user makes debates proclaiming that he is someone he is not.

If we all just ignore it, he'll probably go away after a few days.