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 If 9/11 never happened. (7)

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If 9/11 never happened.

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A lot more people would be alive right now.. .

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America would find another excuse to invade the Middle East.

This type of hypothetical question is rather vague and annoying because based on the time and space, there is no other alternate time line. This was our past, and it was inevitable because all human action takes account into the making of human history where the fabric of space and time does't care.

Space and time is not linear, it overlaps itself.

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we wouldn't have been as careful as we are now witch can lead to a bigger problem

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Then the twin-towers would be still up we would have a different view of Muslims and the people who died would be living right now.

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No 911, no craziness, and no the economy going nuts because of this.....

Passengers could board airplanes without all of those security checks and waiting in long lines.