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If I'm a Jew why would I support Islam?

Self hate

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Jewsish guilt

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It doesn't seem like you would. At least no logically.

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I just think that It is so Amazing that The Jewish nation has over 3,000 years of documented history of jEWS living in the Land of Israel. There have always been HEBREWS jEWS in Israel. Living in peace or at war, at all times.

jUST because People ignore this and make up another name for Israel, does not change the facts. You may know about Theodor Herzl . He was one of the Early fathers of the idea of jEWS returning back to Israel.

On January 26, 1904, Theodor Herzl The had an audience with Pope Pius X in the Vatican to seek Catholic support to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. A SECURE place for world jEWS to RETURN HOME and live.

The Pope Demanded and Commanded that Theodor Herzl was to Bow down and Kiss his hand. Theodor Herzl REFUSED to Kiss the popes hand . The Pope Commands and DEMANDS that everyone who visits him MUST kneel down and at least kisses his hand or feet. Theodor Herzl asked for the Pope to support jEWS living in Israel.

The Pope Stated [We cannot give approval to this movement. We cannot prevent the Jews from going to Jerusalem but we could never sanction it. The Pope also Stated The Jews have not recognized our Lord, therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people]. Jerusalem The Pope Concluded must not get into the hands of the Jews. support the Jews in the acquisition of the Holy Places, - that we cannot do.

The Pope Stated - jEWS Deny the divinity of Jesus and we cannot help them. Or else they will go there without any religion, and then we can be even less favorable to them.

.................................................. ...........

Even today the Catholics around the world are eager and happy to support the Palestine Terrorist Muslims and Arabs who have been attacking and murdering the jEWS. And the Roman Catholic, Italian Government Even sent Saddam Hussein a scientist and materials for manufacturing a Nuclear Bomb, ( Back in the 1980s )

The jEWS had to Bomb the Nuclear facility , ending up accidently killing the Italian, Catholic Scientist who was on the grounds of the facility. The jEWS begged and pleaded and Cried out to Catholic Italy, BEGGING them to stop. PLEASE, PLEASE Stop sending Saddam Hussein materials and technology and scientists to build this Nuclear Bomb BUT Catholic Italy Ignored their pleas and cries and begs.

Today Catholics are working as hard as they can, day and night to destroy the Idea of a jEWISH Homeland and the Idea of Israel. Catholics even have adopted the god of Islam ( allah ) as their own god. jUST to use Islam to fight this ideology war against Israel. While the pope KISSES His QURAN and Declares that the Quran is Equal to the Old Testament. I am so Saddened by this.

Every time that the jEWS defend themselves, the Catholic world condemns Israel and pretends and demands that the Muslim terrorists can be fought with peace alone. But the Catholic Church fought many Crusades against the Islamic world. But Condemn jEWS today for defending their OWN Homeland. But the Catholic Church does not RECOGNISE Israel, HEBREW RACE, or Old testament Prophecy or jEWS as Gods Chosen People. THEY dont like it.

We also Can REMEMBER that Pope Pius XII on June 22 1943

The Pope stated that there is no axiom / RULE / REASON In history to substantiate the necessity of a people returning to a country they left nineteen centuries before.

If a Hebrew Home is desired, it would not be too difficult to find a more fitting territory than Palestine. With an increase in the Jewish population there, grave new, international problems would arise. Catholics the world over would be aroused.

.................................................. .......... The pope Thinks that because the Roman Catholic World has not RECOGNISED the jEWS in Israel for the Last 2000 years. That they simply were living there because His Catholic Fathers before Him denied their eXistance as a Nation. I am saddened by this Attitude that is at the heart of the Catholic Church,

There have always been jEWS in Israel Living in Peace with Arabs, Or at war Even Mohammud in the 7 th Century and Muslims thereafter hunted jews down and made war on them. Mohammud tried to force many, many jEWS to convert to Islam.

Adolf Hitler had a 20.000 Islamic Army in the Middle East in WW ll who were Hired ARABIC Islamic SS Nazis who fought for Hitler and they were literally called { Jew hunters. } These jEWS were Living in Israel then as well. There have Always been jEWS in Israel since the RETURN of the Children of Jacob back to Israel, from Egypt............

It was other Superpowers such as Italy, Catholic Rome, The Popes and Romantic Catholics and later England and Others who later in the modern times, INVENTED and RENAMED the Place Called Israel INTO the Name Palestine. ( Palestina ) The Popes and Catholics worldwide Unite with the Muslims worldwide in this False Fact Propaganda ( War _)

The Jews did not call their Homeland Palestina. But Rather Various Places of Canaan and surrounding Canaan have been Called Palestine. BUT the Surrounding SUPERPOWERS of all time have Never never accepted the Nation or Identity of the Jews in Israel Nor the Place of Israel - and if they did all effort was made to Erase and Destroy their Heritage, Memory, Scriptures, Identy and Genetic Individuality. All of the nations surrounding Israel have always hated and made Eternal WAR with Israel *( jEWS ) Catholics and Muslims have fought tooth and nail to prevent them from returning back home, after they had made war with them scattering and chasing them around the world. Only a Small, submissive, weak number of jEWS have been allowed to eXist in Israel for a long time. Catholics and Muslims are still enraged and at odds with this reality.

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Hello hound,

Step away from the FOX News. It’s rotting your brain. I’m a Jew and a liberal, and I can assure you that I don’t support Islam.


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